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Whether you’re new to Ripples or a veteran ’round these parts, please leave a quick note below in the comments.  You could introduce yourself, tell us what you think of our project/journey, mention something you find interesting on here, or something else.

Commenting on Ripples

Our finalized comment guidelines are below!  The post where people discussed the guidelines is here.  We also encourage you to look at these great guidelines from LifeHacker.  Though no one felt they needed to discuss our guidelines, we still and always welcome and encourage feedback.  If you have thoughts on how commenting on Ripples should work, let us know!

When commenting on Ripples:

  1. Please try to respond to the prompt questions at the bottom of some posts, though you are also welcome to add other relevant thoughts.
  2. Feel free to ask questions and invite discussion. Get to know each other and collaborate on projects or share resources and experiences.
  3. We may edit a comment for grammatical errors that impede its intended meaning.
  4. If we decide to remove or postpone approving your comment, we’ll be in touch with you (if possible) to discuss our reasons and alternative wordings. We try hard to accommodate a broad range of viewpoints and expressions; however, Ripples is a specific project with its own objectives, and every style of comment may not fit.

We want the community to feel as open, fun, and casual as possible, while also acknowledging that this journey is (delightfully) serious business.  If you have something to say, we want to hear it!

Hope to hear from you soon!

~The Ripples Crew, Ryan and Amanda